2018 First Sunday Festival Performing Artists Application

Thank you for applying to be considered as one of our performers during the 2018 West Street First Sunday Festival in Annapolis, MD. The festival is a free admission community arts and crafts festival run by a non-profit.  It is not a music festival. The performances are intended to enhance the festivals ambiance while exposing the public to other art groups. Attendance at the festival typically runs between 7,000 and 10,000 people throughout the day. Performers can promote themselves (e.g. handing out brochures, selling their CDs and merchandise).

Performance Options:

Weisman Park: (2 hour slots)
This shaded park hosts groups of 2 or more performers.
Performers must provide their own sound equipment.

Stan & Joe's Lot: (2 hour slots)
This area hosts groups of 3 or more performers.
Sound is provided. Best for larger bands. Plenty of room
for people to dance!

City Gate Park:
This area is for solo or duo performers who play for a 2-hour set (with breaks).
Performers must provide their own sound equipment.

Street Performance Artists
This category is for individual or group street performers.
What is your artform?

Is your organization a nonprofit?

What's your performing group name? *

How many members are in your group?

If you are performing live music, what is your genre?

Does your group use a drum kit?

What is your group's website?

Facebook page link:

Please share any links to live performances here:

Describe your performance exactly as you would like it to appear in PR material:

If a musician(s), do you perform original music?

Have you performed at First Sunday in Annapolis in the past 3 years?

What are the electrical needs for your instruments and sound equipment?

Does the group have any other needs?

Please select any of the following dates that you would PREFER to perform.  Note:  Selecting more than one of these slots may increase the likelihood of your group getting a performance slot.

There is no compensation for those performing on the community stage. Are you applying for the community stage? (45 min set)


Contact phone number for the day of the event

Who will we make the check out to on the day of the event (if you are booked)

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